Game Design

Principles of Game Design under the direction of Dr Mike Cosgrave at University College Cork for 2018/19

What is a Game? (Game Studies or Ludology)

My interest in games like for most of us started at home and school, playing children’s games. I grew up at the dawn of the electronic gaming age, so I moved onto video games in arcades (Defender/ Pac Man/ King Kong) until home computer games such as the Commodore 64 (Hobbit) or Spectrum. Now I play console games such as the PS4. I play some sports on consoles like Soccer, American Football, and Baseball. The console games I have played over and over and over again are Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid (MSG) since they first came out. But you cannot forget that there is a multitude of other games on mobile devices like Guns of Glory (I play every day). We all have played a board game at some point in our lives, more than likely at Christmas, which can turn into a serious of feuds against family members. Trivial Pursuit board game or Who wants to be a Millionaire (who does not really). Super Mario on the Nintendo Wii has increasingly caused chaos in our house at Christmas, thankfully, better than the snoring orchestra in front of the TV in previous years!

So, it is impossible for me to put games all under one heading except for a simple definition…. simply it is something a person plays. Some have rules, and some do not, some have an ending or outcome, and some do not.

What is a game? This a question I never thought I would find it difficult to answer. It certainly was and still remains a challenge.


A game is a form of entertainment real or fiction which can fall into one of the subcategories below (which would require a separate definition)


Activity Games

Physical Games

Non-Physical Games

Board Games

Processor Games (requires a processor for the game to run)

That is the best attempt I can make without changing it every few minutes. The Podcast certainly invokes a discussion but does not have any concrete definition. Juul s’ article is interesting but I do not agree that a game needs to have rules to be considered a game.

An interesting thought provoking Podcast on

What is a Game? Ludology Podcast

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Game Design Document

Robin Hood: Steampunk

PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Download via PSN [PlayStation®Network]

Game Overview

Game Concept

The game protagonist Robin Hood or Maid Marian has returned to England after years away fighting for King Richard I (The Lionheart) on his/her Crusades across Europe. On his return, he/she learns of King Richards capture and imprisonment by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin or Marian must retake the Kingdoms that were once ruled by his ‘Merry Men’ and they must come together to overthrow the Sheriff of Nottingham from the Royal Kingdom and restore peace across the land.


Steampunk Stealth Action/Adventure, Victorian, Industrial and Fantasy Style RPG. Machinery (Airship, Train, Boats etc.) and weaponry should have steam-powered elements and style of design and fashion should have a Victorian composition. The game visual style could be based on other games like Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and character movement is based on games such as Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider. Stealth elements are based on the Metal Gear series.

Target Audience

12+ PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) system. The reasoning behind the rating is that violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters will be present. Also, you can play 18+ PEGI with adult authorization. A patch will be required to download for the 18+ gaming experience and authorization. (

It can be played single player with a choice of two characters either Robin Hood or Maid Marian. Possible consideration for development into a multiplayer online game

Game Flow Summary – Start Menu

Figure 1- Game Interface Start Menu

The game interface start menu looks something like the above. The player can change options such as difficulty level; easy, medium and hard. If no changes are made then all default settings will be set and Robin Hood will be the default character. Players can change the player to Maid Marian at the Royal Oak. Once a player has entered the first Kingdom the player character cannot be changed unless the game is restarted. There should be scope to introduce tutorials for the game.

Character Selection- Fashion Design & Weaponry

Figure 2- Character Selection- Fashion and Weaponry

The character selection menu allows players to change the character and allow them to have bespoke fashion and weaponry elements. These can be changed as the player moves through the game and picks up items such as stealth uniforms and weapons left by enemies.

World Building- Kingdoms

Figure 3- World Building Mind Map

Mind Map Link


All the Kingdoms are described above and how they are connected to each other. The general progression of the game is to move from the Coastal Kingdom to the Forest Kingdom to the Winter Kingdom to the Industrial Kingdom and finally onto the Royal Kingdom. The Sheriff’s Kingdom will be a bonus level. The player can travel to Witches Mountain anytime during the game to obtain special powers and potions. The player can also enter Sherwood Forest anytime to build armies ‘Merry Men’ or develop weaponry and arsenal items. The ‘Hospital’ is also here to heal injured troops. You need resources by gathering food, wood, and mining for metals in order to build/upgrade buildings, weapons and heal troops.



Character Visual Style Aesthetics- Fashion

I wanted to create a futuristic style Robin Hood with Steampunk elements such as weaponry and accessories. Maid Marion, I wanted her to look and feel like a warrior and of strong character through the style of fashion and weapons she used.

Gameplay and Mechanics


Game Progression

This is a first-person stealth action game with adaptive strategy elements such as ‘Chaos’ also used in Dishonored (Arkane Studios). An example of the ‘Chaos’ structure is shown in the table below (Table 1).

As the main character (Robin/Marian) moves through the game and dependent on what difficulty level has been selected, the stealthier the player has been in the level (Kingdom) before will influence the level/percentage adaptive strategy of the next Kingdom. Even so, the sheriff will know when each Kingdom has been taken and the security, army/guard checkpoint presence will inevitably increase at whatever level you choose at the start of the game. You will have a game map and mission journal/objectives within your game menu option. But the map will not show your enemies whereabouts unless you select the ‘Easy’ game difficulty option. Look at the ‘Levels’ section to see how each level will play out and how to progress to the next level. Also, the ‘End Game’ scenario is described.


Chaos Adaptive Strategy Mechanics


Increasing Chaos

The Chaos factor is increased by the following activities:

  • Killing targets or other human beings -enemy guards, civilians
  • Getting spotted by an enemy or suspicious civilian.
  • Letting alarms be rung or dead bodies being discovered.
  • Performing certain side objectives or special actions: stealing arsenal (crossbows/arrows/swords etc.) from enemy storage


Decreasing Chaos

Chaos is decreased by the following activities:

  • Dealing with assassination targets in a non-lethal manner.
  • Avoiding the use of lethal force against humans in general by either eliminating them non-lethally or avoiding them altogether.
  • Avoiding detection, using civilian disguise or using invisibility
  • Performing certain side objectives or special actions: Protecting or not killing civilians (e.g. Industrial City)

Mission/Challenge Structure

Each Kingdom will have to be conquered by linear progression but the player can go between each Kingdom once taken. The Kingdoms will have separate mission style objectives and the final outcome will be signified by finding the broken piece of the ‘Golden Arrow’ in each Kingdom. The ‘Golden Arrow will be divided into 5 pieces, four of which will be in each level (Kingdom) and the 5th will be in the possession of the ‘Red Warrior’ in the battle before the Royal Kingdom. The ‘Golden Arrow’ is the only way to blast the Royal Kingdom’s drawbridge to open that level and rescue King Richard I (Lionheart). The final battle will take place within Blenheim Palace where the player must try and kill the Sheriff of Nottingham, which will be impossible. The player must then use stealth to find King Richard I and rescue him. Once this has occurred then the Sheriff will flee back to his own Kingdom. The game has now ended, but there is a narrative between the player and the King where the King asks the player to go and follow the Sheriff back to his Kingdom and kill him once and for all. This will be a bonus level where the player will unlock new fashion and weapons and can ‘pimp’ his airship.

Puzzle Structure

To give balance to this asymmetrical game a number of gameplay structures will be in place. A pyramid puzzle structure will be in place as an alternative to stealth mode above ground. A pyramid structure means there will be many little goals/puzzles to get to the main goal, finding the golden arrow piece. Underground within each kingdom will have a series of puzzles to move forward through the game. As there will be no enemies in these areas there will be rats, birds, small critters that can affect the player's health so they player will have to move quickly and figure out the puzzle in a timely manner for success. The games will have a Steampunk visual style and will be something like the puzzles in the Tomb Raider Series. Each level will have its own specific puzzle theme. The Forest Kingdom, in caves, Winter Kingdom ice tunnels and Industrial kingdom, sewers, underground rivers and other utility areas like steam generators, iron mines etc.

Stealth mode (if chosen) takes place on street and roof level and it is paramount for success through a level and subsequent levels thereafter. Chaos elements are activated in these areas.

Puzzle Mechanics: Stealth mode to be based on games such as Metal Gear Solid and Dishonoured series. The player will be able to use various tactics to divert the guard's attention and can use supernatural powers such as possession to take another form briefly of a living or dead entity. Underground scenarios will have a series of puzzles based on the Tomb Raider series see this link for a good example There will be hint tips as the player tries to figure out the puzzle. While underground the player must try to avoid rats, birds and the living dead! The player will also need to be good at using the swimming action as in Tomb Raider as there are plenty of sewers, and underground rivers to negotiate.


Players will have three lives at the start of the game. When all lives are lost, players will have to start from the beginning of the current Kingdom that they are progressing through. On restart of their current level, they will regain three lives. There will be two checkpoints within each level where players can save their progress and will restart from the last checkpoint if they have saved their progress.


This game will have interactive storytelling between the players’ main character (Robin or Marian) and the Merry Men/Woman who will be evicted from their Kingdoms and will be waiting at the start of each level. Depending on what choices you make with this initial interaction (some hints and tips) will influence how that specific level will play out. It will also depend on what route you have taken whether you go underground, overground or go on street level. An enemy airship will patrol every level so awareness of where the airship is will be key on the players’ ability to stay incognito. The player can also interact with civilians to obtain clothes for a disguise to get past enemy guard checkpoints. The main objective is to find the piece of ‘Golden Arrow’ hidden within each Kingdom and this pieces’ location will change if you leave the Kingdom at any time until you have it within your possession. There will also be some interactive narrative among civilians but you need to be careful not to make them suspicious as they may raise the alarm to get the gold reward for your capture (Wanted posters of the main character will be all over each Kingdom). These ‘Wanted Posters’ will also serve as ‘Save’ checkpoint within the game, but you will not see these locations on your map. Once you have conquered each Kingdom and found King Richard and released him from capture from the Sheriff of Nottingham you will have successfully completed the game.


There will also be some ‘Bonus Levels’. The ‘Witches Mountain’ is not a place where Robin or Marian like to go because of the strange things that happen there. But because they have supernatural powers, potions and spells it is required to gain some of these to overcome the Sheriff of Nottingham.


Movement in the game

Walking, running, jumping and stealth movement will take the form of those in other games e.g. Assassins Creed, Dishonored. Swimming will be based on the movement of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider series.


Objects – how to pick them up and move them

Really depends on which controller or keyboard that the player is using, but there will be a button where the user can inspect and keep or simply walk over and discard or hide for future use. Items such as arrows, food (health) and weapons/goggles drops from enemies will be some of the pick-ups within the game.

Game Economy

Gold is the main currency of the game. The game will start with 1,000 pieces of gold. Gold will be needed if you want to speed up building your farm buildings, academy buildings and recruiting your farmers to soldiers to warriors, there are 10 levels of buildings where level 1 will be free to build. After that, you will need wood and food to increase your upgrade level. The higher the upgrade the higher the level of troops and then a higher level of power when fighting against enemies. Gold can also be used to buy powers from the witches at the Witches Kingdom. Gold can be obtained from completing puzzles in underground scenarios, and when a level is completed. Robin or Marian can also raid gold from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s’ gold runs through the Forest Kingdom by planning with their soldiers/warriors. They can work out the planned route to set up a ‘Raid’.

Replaying and Saving


Checkpoints start when Robin reaches the Coastal Kingdom and after each Level at the train station end of level screen. There is also Robin Hood/Marion ‘Wanted’ posters sporadically posted in each ‘Kingdom’ where the character can save during each level. The positions of these posters will be randomly generated when a ‘New Game’ is loaded.

Cheats and Easter Eggs


No cheats will be available for this game.

Easter eggs will be connected to what Supernatural Powers (Table 2) you have in your inventory and when you use them. When using Dark Vision II power, for example, you can see on a wall of a dwelling in each Kingdom a map which shows where the piece of the ‘Golden Arrow’ is located. The wall location along with the ‘Golden Arrow’ itself will be randomised each time a ‘New Game’ is loaded.



Game Narrative

Robin Hood/Marian after several years away on Crusades, returns from the Battle of Arsuf (a Crusade under King Richard 1 “Lionheart” he/she travels across Europe to Normandy in France and gets a boat to England. On his journey across the English Channel, he/she is told that King Richard the Lionheart has been overthrown by the Sheriff of Nottingham’s armies and his supernatural being the Red Warrior and the rumour across the Kingdoms is that he has been imprisoned at an unknown location (suspicion he is in Blenheim Place). He/she has also heard that his band of ‘Merry Men & Women’, who each have their own Kingdoms have also been evicted from their Kingdoms and Maid Marion/Robin Hood his/her long term sweetheart is in hiding at Sherwood Forest, where Robin/Marian spent most of his/her life. Robin/Marian must find a way of retaking back the Kingdoms and go to the Blenheim Palace (the King’s castle and find the King to free him, and regain peace and order in England. Only that there is a twist to this tale as the Sheriff has obtained some magical powers presumably from the witches and has created a ‘super being’ the ‘Red Warrior’ to protect him, Blenheim Palace and his Kingdoms. Also if Robin or Marian reach Blenheim Palace the other will automatically be captured and taken to the Sheriff’s Kingdom. The player will then have the option after the recapture of Blenheim Palace whether or not to go and rescue Marian or Robin and put an end to the Sheriff once and for all and his atrocities, and receive bonuses that ensure they have enough power to protect the King and his Kingdoms.






General look and feel of the world


I have attached pictures of how the games visual style and feel should look. The characters, Kingdoms and the HUD styles are portrayed (Fig.19-35). The game Kingdoms are described in the ‘Levels’ section.

Game Characters

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest (Player Character)

Protector of the people of Sherwood and King Richard I. The go on Crusades for the King in exchange for peace and allowed to live in Sherwood Forest

Marian of Sherwood Forest (Player Character)

Protector of the people of Sherwood and King Richard I. The go on Crusades for the King in exchange for peace and allowed to live in Sherwood Forest

The Ranger (Little John) - Forest Kingdom

Ruler of the Forest Kingdom and friend of Robin and Marian

The Steampunk Mechanic (Will Scarlet) - Industrial Kingdom

Ruler of the Industrial Kingdom and friend of Robin and Marian

The Commodore (Friar Tuck) - Coastal Kingdom

Ruler of the Coastal Kingdom and friend of Robin and Marian

Winter Princess (Ada) - Winter Kingdom

Ruler of the Winter Kingdom. Friend of Marian loves the cold and her black wolves.

King Richard I (The Lionheart) - Royal Kingdom

Ruler of all Kingdoms and resides in the Royal Kingdom. Friend of Robin Hood and Marian

Sheriff of Nottingham - Sheriff Kingdom

Evil and greedy ruler of his own Kingdom, but wants to take over and rule the Royal Kingdom. He has captured King Richard I and rules all Kingdoms at the start of the game.

Red Warrior - Sheriffs Army Leader

The very powerful leader of the Sheriff’s armies and is someway possessed and can use supernatural powers. It is believed he sold his soul to the witches.

Red Warrior-Captains, Armies and Soldiers (checkpoint guards)

These are under the control of the Red Warrior who cause pain and suffering across the Kingdoms.

Witch Queen - Witches Kingdom

Ruler of the Witches Kingdom. Has control over all supernatural powers and can sell them to the player at a price.


Potions and Spells Witch - Witch Queen’s assistant

Creates potions and spells for the Witch Queen

Airship Pilot – Ada Bathsheba (Industrial Kingdom)

Friend of Will Scarlet and fly’s airships within the Industrial Kingdom


Upgraded farmers, Miller boys and Yeoman under the control of the Robin or Marian and can help retake Kingdoms when power is strong enough.


Miller boys

Villagers when no battle experience and collects food resources, they can be upgraded to soldiers with training.

Sheep farmers

Villagers when no battle experience and collects food resources, they can be upgraded to soldiers with training.


Villagers when no battle experience and collects food resources, they can be upgraded to soldiers with training.

Ship and Airship Builders

These are within the Coastal Kingdom building ships and the Industrial Kingdom building Airships.


These are the armies of the Red Warrior within the Coastal Kingdom who attack the ships held by Friar Tuck.













A Steampunk style game map (example below) is available to view in the mission screen. This will outline at each level where the player should go to end each level and the mission screen will outline the objectives. Every level except the Royal Kingdom and the Sheriff Kingdom will require the player to find a piece of ‘Golden Arrow’.

Figure 102- Steampunk Style KINGDOM MAP

Training Level-Training and Upgrades

The training level is accessed through Sherwood Forest anytime during gameplay. The purpose of this area is to train miller boys, sheep farmers and yeomen to warrior and military soldiers. The upgrades will go from level 1-10, from ‘Basic Archer’ to ‘Royal Rogue’. In order to get increase a level, you will need to upgrade the Barracks building from 1-10. The building can only be upgraded by gathering wood and food for building. Once built you will need to gather more food and wood for training. At each stage, the food and wood resources required will increase with each level. This is also true in upgrading weaponry.

The ‘Forge’ can also be upgraded from 1-10 and will start from a basic bow and arrow to crossbows. The artillery building will also go from 1-10 and the Siege and Steam weaponry 10-15. But in order to get metals for crossbows, artillery, siege and Steampunk weaponry you will need to have conquered the Industrial Kingdom for these upgrades.





Level 0 Coastal Kingdom ‘Aquitaine’ (opening narrative of the game with cut-scenes)


This is the opening scene of the narrative when Robin or Marian depending on whom you have selected at the start of the game, is seen crossing from Europe in a boat to England. The player hears of everything since he/she left and learns that King Richard I (The Lionheart) has been captured and the Sheriff of Nottingham and his armies now rule over the Kingdom. This causes chaos and unrest and he forces all civilians to pay him in gold to fill his obsession of greed. The player cannot take over the Coastal Kingdom at this stage so must go underground without being detected and meet the fisherman and his boat at the end of the sewer. The player will learn how to use the stealth of the player during this part of the game. When the player reaches the Sherwood River the narrative with the fisherman will direct the player on how to build his army and hints where to meet the Commodore (Friar Tuck) and start level one The Coastal Kingdom.

Sherwood Forest and the Royal Oak Tree

This is the only safe haven in the game for Robin and Marian from the Sheriff of Nottingham until the player reaches the Royal Kingdom. After which the Sheriff will then have found this hiding place and kidnap the main character not being played, If Robin is playing, Marian will be captured and vice versa and they will be taken to the bonus level, the Sheriff’s Kingdom. The Royal Oak Tree is where the main character can collect items that the witches require in trade for a potion, spell or charm. They can also boost their health here with food.


Level 1 Coastal Kingdom ‘Aquitaine’

At the start of each level, the player will meet with the Merry Man/Woman that once ruled this Kingdom and they will give the player hints and tips dependent on which difficulty he/she started the game.

This level is an introductory level to the game and player will be already familiar with the surroundings from arriving here by boat. Like every objective within the game, the player must find the piece of ‘Golden Arrow”, before they can continue on to level two, the Forest Kingdom.






As with each level the player must try and be as stealthy as possible. If the player completes a level with less than 50% stealth then the following Kingdom will increase it's enemy armies/guard checkpoints by 20%. When the player interacts with civilians they must not act suspiciously as the Sheriff has spies and scouts within each kingdom and this would raise the alarm level of the Sheriff’s troops. If the player has bought the ‘Summon’ or ‘Possession’ powers from the witches they can use these at each level to summon or possess an animal or in the case of this level, flying fish. They can be used to attack an enemy or to be stealthier and use it as a distraction technique. These powers and many others are described in the ‘Supernatural’ section of this GDD.

Level 2 Forest Kingdom

Objective; find a golden arrow piece can use animals and birds. Meets ‘The Ranger’ (Little John).

Level 3 Winter Kingdom

Objective; find golden arrow piece can use wolves, polar bears and birds. Meets the ‘Winter Princess’.

Level 4 Industrial World ‘Steampunker’

Objective; find golden arrow piece can use wolves, polar bears and birds. Meets the Ada the Airship Pilot and the Steampunk Mechanic (Will Scarlet). Ada is in charge of the Airship building and upgrades. The Steampunk Airship requires wood from the farmers and food for the builders. Metals are obtained within the Industrial City.

Level 5 Red Warrior Battle

This will be a test of how well the player has trained his armies and how well the Airships have been upgraded so to have enough power to overcome the Red Warrior. There is a ‘Power’ rating of your army which you can compare to the Red Warrior’s army but you can only do this by sending a scout on horseback. By doing this before the attack will alarm the Red Warrior and help will increase his power by 20% each time you send a scout.

Level 6 King’s Castle (Blenheim Palace)

This is final Kingdom Robin or Marian must seek to retake. All the other Kingdoms will have been conquered so the player must bring all Kingdoms together to overthrow the Sheriff and find King Richard I. The battle strategy will be important, as just attacking the castle alone will not be enough. The Golden Arrow pieces must be put together and the Golden Crossbow which was made in the Industrial kingdom must fire it on the drawbridge. This will only gain access to the outer walls of the Royal Kingdom.

The player must find an alternative method of getting inside Blenheim Palace. This may be possible via the moat and its underwater tunnels (dangerous rats in there) or by a disguise. Dressed in civilian clothes and answering carefully a series of questions at the guarded checkpoint will allow you through. Once inside you can open the gates to the palace. Casualties can be recovered in the Forest Village Hospital camp but take time and require a lot of food.


Bonus Levels

Witches Underworld

This is a bonus level where you can obtain the supernatural powers from the witches in exchange for special ingredients from the Royal Oak tree.

Sheriff Kingdom

This is a bonus level if you want to rescue the other main character either Robin or Marian, who was taken from Sherwood when the player reached the Royal Kingdom. If you decide to fight the Sheriff you will open new supernatural powers, weaponry, stealth suits etc., which can be used if you replay the game, and you can increase the difficulty should you wish. This Kingdom may also be used for the future development of an ‘Expansion Pack’ for the game, to open up new levels, futuristic/cyber perhaps.

End Game Scenario

The end of the game will have several scenarios. When the player loses all their characters’ health whether killed by enemies (arrows, bullets, swords, broken neck in combat, poisoned dart) or by animals e.g. rats, small critters, checkpoint dogs and small birds. Enemy airships will also have the capability to kill the player from the air or if in an airship when attacked. Also, the final battles at the end of each level may have Steampunk mechanical animals, such as in in the Industrial Kingdom there is a mechanical bird (see HUD screenshots Google Drive Link).






Visual System

There are screenshots of the type of visual style of this game. (See above)

Control System

The control system and movement of the game are controlled by the console controller these have been outlined briefly (above)

Audio, music, sound effects

The game will use multiple environmental effects, such as reverberation per audio source, to create a unique soundscape and avoid metaphysical or a hyper-realistic style. A lot of mechanisms should be researched into creating a Steampunk world with only a slightly supernatural feel when using potions/poisons and spells etc. The audio spectrum must be very rich for the experience to remain immersive and dramatic changes from sounds in stealth mode to the chaotic when the player is in a highly stressed environment, adding a dramatic effect to the scene. To capture outdoor realistic sounds could be captured using a Sound Devices 744T and a Barcus Berry Planar Wave Contact Mic and a mixer console such as MicroMix EAA.

The player should get an organic immersive feel, as if they were by the coast, in a forest, or can feel the cold when in the Winter Kingdom, but also can feel the intensity of battle with the whizzing of arrows and the sound of metal from a sword, and the shouts and screams of death. The game Soundtrack should be an eerie yet active beat, such as in Dishonoured, Assassins Creed, and a sense of struggle with accomplishment like the Tomb Raider series.











Proposed Voice-Over Actors

These are some suggestions if the publishes wish to add well known and established video game voice-over actors to help market the game to a worldwide audience.

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest

Michael Fassbender

Marian of Sherwood Forest

Jennifer Lawrence

The Ranger (Little John) - Forest Kingdom

Robbie Coltrane

The Steampunk Mechanic (Will Scarlet) - Industrial Kingdom

Benedict Cumberbatch

The Commodore (Friar Tuck) - Coastal Kingdom

Russell Crowe

Winter Princess (Ada) - Winter Kingdom

Kate Beckinsale

King Richard I (The Lionheart) - Royal Kingdom

Morgan Freeman

Sheriff of Nottingham - Sheriff Kingdom

Brian Blessed

Red Warrior - Sheriffs Army Leader

Alan Rickman

Red Warrior-Captains, Armies and Soldiers (checkpoint guards)

Captains; Mel Gibson, James Cosmo, Eric Bana, Scarlett Johansson

Witch Queen - Witches Kingdom

Nicole Kidman

Potions and Spells Witch - Witch Queen’s assistant

Helena Bonham-Carter

Airship Pilot – Ada Bathsheba (Industrial Kingdom)

Sophie Marceau

Green Witches

Seylan Baxter, Zoe Wanamaker



Help System

App photo capture help system. Using the game App via iOS or Android and take a picture of the entrance to a Kingdom and the help App will automatically load help and hints for that level. If this type of application is not possible or within budget then tutorials will be available from the ‘Options’ main menu.

Artificial Intelligence

Stealth, examples include Metal Gear Solid and Dishonored series.

Adaptive Strategy of enemies, this is described in the ‘Chaos’ element of the game.

Non-combat and Friendly Characters

There will be several characters in each level that the player can engage with for hints, tips, use of a disguise at checkpoints (on street level). But the player will have to be wary so as not to raise suspicion as nobody can be trusted. Also, the sheriff will have scouts and undercover guards mixed within the civilian population so players must be careful on which questions they chose to ask.
















Target Hardware

PC Recommended Requirements

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit versions)

Processor: Intel Core i7-4770/AMD FX-8350 or better

Memory: 16 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB/AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB or better

Storage: 60 GB available space

PC drivers: NVIDIA: 375.70. AMD: 16.10.2

Development hardware and software, including Game Engine

Hardware NVidia Specifics:



Surround technology


Game Engine; Unreal Engine 4

Network requirements

Broadband internet connection.

Download requirements; 46GB for the Xbox One, 56GB on the PC, and 52GB on the PS4.

Download speed of at least 3 Mbps, an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps, and a ping rate under 150ms. Multiplayer 3-4 users from one console approx. download speed of at least 11 Mbps.











Visual Settings


Adaptive Resolution


Window Mode/Borderless/Fullscreen

V-Synch (synchronize the frame rate of the game with the monitor)

Texture Details

Models Details

Environmental Details

Antialiasing (Smooths graphics)

Rat Shadows (enhanced stealth underground)

Water Quality

Shadow Quality

View Distance

Video Card Selection


Monitor Selection

Field of Vision



Future Development and Merchandising

I would like to also develop alongside the game and ‘Expansion Pack’ and the possibility of development on AR/VR platforms. Merchandising teams should be assigned for console and controller Steampunk skins/themes. Also perhaps creating some clothing lines (t-shirts, Victorian wear etc.) and accessories (Steampunk googlies etc.)

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